4 Considerations for Beginners When Buying Crane Trucks For Construction Projects

17 April 2018
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Buying a crane truck, especially a pre-owned one might present many unknowns and risks. Buyers may not know the condition of the equipment, especially its maintenance history, which is crucial to enhancing the service life of a machine. Furthermore, devices such as crane trucks come in different configurations that might be challenging to first-time buyers. This article examines some top considerations for beginners when buying crane trucks for construction projects. Read More 

How you can fix problems which affect your mobile crane’s wire rope

26 January 2018
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Mobile cranes make work very easy. However, they need to be adequately maintained and regularly repaired to give you long and reliable service, and also for the safety of the people around the machine. When handing the crane, it is essential to follow all the manufacturer's instructions to avoid ruining the crane. Here is a list of the five most common problems with mobile crane's wire rope, and the possible troubleshooting and maintenance tips. Read More 

7 Tips to Help Your Hydraulic Log Splitter Last as Long as Possible

4 December 2017
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A hydraulic log splitter can save you a lot of time and effort. If you don't want to do the back breaking work of splitting your own logs, this piece of hydraulic equipment is essential. To safeguard your investment and help it last as long as possible, check out these ideas. 1. Sharpen the Blades Ideally, you should sharpen your blades as often as possible. If the blades are dull, they won't go through the wood as easily as they should. Read More 

4 Top Facts about Order Picker Forklifts that Novice Operators Must Know

27 September 2017
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Order picking trucks have a working platform that helps the operator to control the lift. The machinery is suitable for picking items such as pallets in elevated heights. It is a well-known fact that order picking trucks, just like any other heavy machinery, cause fatal accidents every year. However, with proper maintenance and training of operators, such fatalities can be avoided. Here are a few facts beginners should know about order picker forklifts. Read More 

4 Important Roles of Riggers

14 August 2017
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Riggers play several critical roles to ensure that crane lifts are successful. This article discusses some of the most crucial duties that a rigger performs at a jobsite. Use this information to design appropriate specifications that you will follow when selecting a rigger to hire. Selecting Rigging Methods The wrong rigging method and equipment can result in a serious accident at a jobsite. The rigger plays an important role in averting such accidents by considering the available equipment and techniques before selecting the most appropriate ones. Read More