Features to Prioritise When Hiring a Tipper Truck

24 October 2023
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Tipper trucks are essential vehicles for heavy-duty construction and transportation projects. They enable the transportation of different materials and heavy equipment easily and conveniently. When hiring a tipper truck, it is essential to prioritise certain features to ensure that you choose a truck that suits your needs. Take a look at the features you should consider to get the best value for your money.

Payload Capacity

One of the primary features to look out for when hiring a tipper truck is the payload capacity. The payload capacity refers to the maximum weight the vehicle can carry, excluding the vehicle's weight itself. It is essential to determine the amount of load you want to transport and choose a tipper truck with a payload capacity that can comfortably carry your load. This will help prevent overloading, which can cause damage to the truck and pose a safety risk.

Type of Tipper Truck

Tipper trucks come in different types, including rear-tipping trucks, side-tipping trucks and three-way tipping trucks. Each type is suitable for specific applications, and it is essential to pick a truck that aligns with your needs. Rear-tipping trucks are suitable for unloading materials behind the truck, while side-tipping trucks are ideal for narrow spaces that require manoeuvrability during unloading. Three-way tipping trucks provide the most flexibility by allowing you to unload materials behind, to the sides, or both.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is another critical feature to consider when hiring a tipper truck. It is responsible for providing power to the tipping mechanism and lifting the truck's body. A good hydraulic system should be durable, reliable and efficient to prevent breakdowns and ensure smooth operation. It is important to hire a truck with a hydraulic system that can handle your load and work effectively.

Size of the Tipper

The size of the tipper truck is another significant factor to consider. It often relates to the payload capacity, but it is important to ensure that the size aligns with your specific needs. The wrong size could inconvenience you during transportation, unloading and storage. It is essential to consider your work site and confirm that the tipper truck's size can access and manoeuvre in the designated areas.

Driver Assistance Features

Driver assistance features are becoming more common in the latest tipper truck models. Examples include reverse cameras, blind spot monitoring and emergency braking systems. These features enhance safety, reduce the risk of accidents and protect both drivers and other road users. It is important to prioritise these features for your tipper truck hire to guarantee a safer working environment for everyone.

Hiring a tipper truck can be a valuable solution for different transportation and construction needs. However, it is essential to prioritise certain features when choosing a truck. Remember, your priority should be getting a truck that aligns with your specific needs, is safe, and is convenient to use.

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