Different Types of Bolts and Nuts

24 March 2015
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Whether you are doing a simple repair around the house, doing craft projects, or involved with a building project, you are likely going to be using a variety of different types of bolts and nuts. While you may think that any bolts and nuts will work for any job, some types may not work for the jobs you are doing. Here is some information about some of the different types of bolts and nuts.

Hex Bolts and Nuts

Hex bolts have heads that are shaped like hexagons. The shaft may be fully threaded, or only partially, depending on the job it is being used for. You have the option to use one of these bolts with a tapped hole, or with a hex nut. The nut also has six sides, and are the type of nuts you are going to see most often. These bolts and nuts are commonly used for vehicle repair and woodworking.

Cap and Acorn Nuts

Cap nuts are closed on one end, and dome-shaped at the top. This is the type of nut you would use if you are working on a project and you don't want the bolt to be visible. The dome will cover the bolt. An acorn nut has a larger dome, and looks more like an acorn, hence the name.

Wing Nuts

If you are putting something together that you will need to take apart soon, or frequently, this is one of the best nuts to use. It has a head that has "wings" on either side, which make it easy to turn the nuts by hand.

Hanger Bolts

This type of bolt will have threading on each end. It is mainly used to connect two pieces of wood. For instance, if you are building a book shelf, you would drill holes in each piece that line up with one another, and then use hanger bolts to connect the pieces of wood.

Carriage Bolts

These bolts have smooth heads, so you can't turn them with a screwdriver, and the shaft is only threaded partially. Again, this is a bolt you would use if you are working on a project and want a neater finish with no bolt ends visible.

Chicago Bolts

These are known by various names, including barrel nuts and sex bolts. They are oddly-shaped, with threading on the outer part of a cylindrical shaft. The shaft is hollow, and there is threading on the interior, also referred to as a female thread. They will fit with regular bolts just like nuts do, but they have a head.

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