3 Reasons You Should Invest in Portable Line Boring Machines

25 March 2015
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The financial implications of purchasing construction equipment are extensive so it is crucial to make investments that will have long-term returns. The portable line boring machine is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment used in machining in the construction industry. If you are looking for a new product to enhance your workshop, this is an ideal addition. This equipment is ideal for use in repair and maintenance tasks such as resizing attachments, handling the A-frame supports and boring the transmission and driveshaft housing.

Here are some of the main reasons why purchasing the line borer for your company is a beneficial and rewarding move.

Many Good Financial Aspects

An investment must have financial rewards that surpass the initial costs of purchase. The portable line boring machine is designed primarily for onsite machining purposes so it has high structural integrity and prolonged durability. When you are working in remote locations, you will be able to utilise the borer in the harsh environment and still enjoy long-term service in the repair of the construction machinery. The expenses of fuel and labour which would be incurred in the transportation of the damaged components to a specialist workshop will be significantly mitigated. Moreover, you can temporarily rent out the boring machine to other contractors to recoup the investment even faster.

Time-saving Options

There are simple machining tasks that can take construction equipment out of commission and cause extensive downtime. The line borer can be used in tandem with welders to drastically reduce this wasted time in the worksite. For instance, attachment and pivot points in heavy machinery become enlarged due to friction and they fall out of round. This reduces the performance of the equipment and repair will be necessary to restore functionality.

If you have a line borer, there is no need for a workshop or a specialist for the task since basic repair can be easily conducted. The process involves building up quality weld in the enlarged hole and then the line boring machine can be used to make a hole in the original dimensions; this will allow the attachment point to be fully functional. This method can also be used for resizing machines to attach new accessories and accommodate bushings.


Modern line borers are highly portable and lightweight so they are easy to transport, set up and disassemble when used in onsite machining applications. This is more favourable in terms of logistics when compared to the alternative of transporting cranes, excavators and tractors to the workshop.