Attachments You Should Contemplate When Opting For Excavator Hire

26 March 2015
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If you are big on DIY home improvement, then an excavator hire can prove to be quite a versatile piece of machinery for your project's needs. These nifty gadgets can pick up items, demolish concrete, break up tarmac and much more. However, as a homeowner, chances are you will not have to carry out these tasks on a regular basis. This is why opting to hire one rather than purchase it would be a much better idea. Most companies that offer excavator hire will do so without the various attachments. Here are some of the attachments you should contemplate when thinking of taking part in DIY projects around the home.

A general bucket

Buckets that are used in conjunction with excavators come in varying sizes. This is due to the fact that it is the most used attachment when it comes to excavator hire. To make your work simple for you, opt for a general size bucket that can be used for a variety of tasks such as digging, loading and sorting. Saving you the trouble of having to change the bucket for a different task.

An excavator blade

This is best suited for tasks involving levelling off the ground. Most excavator blades have a capacity of a bulldozer, so they are quite powerful. Aside from levelling of soil, you can also use the blade to transfer materials from one point to another. The weight of materials you can transport will depend on the size of the blade, though, so keep your needs in mind when renting it out.

An excavator breaker

This attachment is suited for projects that require demolition. For instance, if you are looking to break down a small wall or would like to demolish some construction on your property, then you should rent out a breaker when opting for excavator hire. Breakers enable you to carry out demolition tasks without the need of calling in professionals to do it for you.

When opting for excavator hire, you should remember that different machines will have different controls on them. Before taking the excavator home with you, find out if you can get a crash course on operating it. Typically, these companies will offer a tutorial to their clients for their safety at no extra fee. Never attempt to operate these machines if you are not confident in your skill level. Hiring a professional to complete the task for you will still be cheaper than buying an excavator outright. For more information, contact a company like Maudsley Excavations.