Quick Factors to Consider When Deciding on a Forklift for Hire

2 September 2015
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Hiring a forklift can mean having the equipment you need for special deliveries to your warehouse or other facility without having to maintain and store a forklift that is not used on a regular basis. Hiring a forklift is not as easy as you might assume, simply because there are so many different options from which to choose. While the company that rents the forklift can help you make the right choice, note a few factors to consider so you know what to expect by way of those choices.

1. Height of mast

The height of the mast is important when choosing a forklift as you need to ensure it will reach the shelf or other elevated area where you will be stacking and storing items. However, you don't want to choose the shortest mast available or overlook the weight limit of the forklift, as the weight of items on the lift can cause the cab to topple when the mast is fully extended. You also want to note the mast and cab height if the forklift will be going under doorways and entryways, so you know it will fit.

2. Type of load

Forklifts are available with various attachments that can make lifting certain loads easier on you. For example, two forks that wrap around a barrel can make lifting these and other cylinders easier than trying to simply squeeze them between two straight forks. A hook attachment can allow for picking up items that are chained together. When you decide to on a forklift hire, be sure you discuss with the rental agency the type of load you'll be lifting, as you might be surprised at the type of attachment available to make lifting easier and even safer.

3. Environment

The environment in which you use your forklift will also be important to consider as some are meant for indoor use on flat, safe pavement, whereas others are meant for outdoor and more rugged use. The outdoor forklifts will have thicker tires with deeper tread in order to keep them from sinking into soft dirt and soil. These tires can slow them down, so if the forklift is going to be used indoors on concrete only, you will want an indoor forklift. These too will usually run on electric motors that don't create fumes and emissions you would get from gas engines; these fumes can be dangerous when trapped indoors. Always note the environment when you're renting a forklift.