4 Top Facts about Order Picker Forklifts that Novice Operators Must Know

27 September 2017
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Order picking trucks have a working platform that helps the operator to control the lift. The machinery is suitable for picking items such as pallets in elevated heights. It is a well-known fact that order picking trucks, just like any other heavy machinery, cause fatal accidents every year. However, with proper maintenance and training of operators, such fatalities can be avoided. Here are a few facts beginners should know about order picker forklifts.

Benefits of Training -- Completing a forklift driver training course helps an operator to maximize productivity and complete all assigned tasks such as loading and unloading pallets promptly. Furthermore, training enables an operator to operate the equipment in a safe manner, which reduces potential accidents. Besides, forklift training offers the operator the latest maneuvering and handling skills needed to increase efficiency. After completing the course, you can also perform basic forklift maintenance regimen including checking emergency lights, battery charge, and hydraulic control system among others. Through regular maintenance and checks, you can help your organization to reduce the cost of repairing the equipment. 

LO Class -- Individuals who want to acquire a high-risk work license in order picking should target the LO class license. The course comprises of a written theory component and a practical driving test. Similarly, trainees will have to perform basic equipment checks. Some organizations might prefer onsite training whereby operators are trained while on the job. Some basic training components include maneuvering, loading at different elevations, stopping and parking, and handling during emergency situations. After this training, a certified assessor will conduct a license test.

Guide Rails -- Guide rails are essential equipment that prevents an order picking truck from ramming into storage racks. Notably, at no circumstance should you drive an order picking equipment without a guide rail. A rail helps the machine to maintain a straight path, in particular through a narrow aisle, and thus, help avoid a collision.  

Stability -- An order picker forklift must retain its stability even when picking goods at high elevations. Most order picker forklifts have a 4-point suspension mechanism between the rear tires and the front wheels. Coupled with the height of the equipment, an imaginary pyramid that stretches from the wheelbase to the lifting area of the machinery is what determines the equipment's stability. When moving cargo, the center of gravity of the forklift should remain within the confines of the balance pyramid. If the center is outside this area, then the machinery is likely to tip over when moving.