How you can fix problems which affect your mobile crane's wire rope

26 January 2018
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Mobile cranes make work very easy. However, they need to be adequately maintained and regularly repaired to give you long and reliable service, and also for the safety of the people around the machine. When handing the crane, it is essential to follow all the manufacturer's instructions to avoid ruining the crane. Here is a list of the five most common problems with mobile crane's wire rope, and the possible troubleshooting and maintenance tips.

When the rope jumps out of the reeving system

The rope is an essential part of a mobile crane. It is what drives the entire crane system. However, with the regular movement, wear and tear, the rope tends to get worn out. At times, it will jump out of the reeving system, and when this happens, the entire system stops working. You should consult an expert to put the reeving system back in order as soon as you discover that the rope has left the reeving system. 

When the wires are broken or completely worn out

Another common problem with the crane system is when the wires are broken around the edges. It is usually an indication that the operating conditions have exhausted the rope. Conditions such as bending stress, the speed of load application, shock load and the type of materials that the crane handles determine the amount of pressure the rope undergoes and how much it can withstand.

When the wires are corroded

The wires of the rope get corroded when they are subjected to extreme conditions such as exposure to heat and chemicals. There are times when water leads to rusting of the cables when the material insulating the cable unpeels and the wires are exposed to the environment. If you want to minimise the possibility of wear and tear on your rope, you need to organise lubrication on a regular basis.

The best thing you can do to protect yourself from damages and accidents connected to the wire rope is to get an expert to be inspecting the rope before every shift starts. It will be the person who will help you figure out when there are problems with the wire and start looking for possible solutions. When the damage on your mobile crane's wire rope is extreme, experts usually recommend that you have it replaced. Finally, ensure that you consult your expert before buying any rope spare parts to increase the length of time the crane will be operational.