4 Considerations for Beginners When Buying Crane Trucks For Construction Projects

17 April 2018
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Buying a crane truck, especially a pre-owned one might present many unknowns and risks. Buyers may not know the condition of the equipment, especially its maintenance history, which is crucial to enhancing the service life of a machine. Furthermore, devices such as crane trucks come in different configurations that might be challenging to first-time buyers. This article examines some top considerations for beginners when buying crane trucks for construction projects.

Tandem Axel or Single Axel Trucks? -- Single axle trucks are ideal for residential construction projects that need a driveway approach. The short wheelbase coupled with a light gross weight of the crane ensures that there is no damage to adjacent property when operating the crane. A tandem axle truck has heavy hauling capability needed for commercial construction projects. Such a truck can accommodate cranes with large lifting capacity. Therefore, project contractors must assess their lifting needs before settling on their preferred truck for supporting the crane.

Budget -- Many buyers overlook the effect of crane truck budget on the overall cost of a construction project. Notably, several factors may come into play when deciding whether to buy, lease or rent such equipment. If you have just landed a large contract that requires crane trucks on site for the foreseeable future, then buying or long-term leases are advisable. Conversely, if you have budget limitations and you only need a crane truck once in a while, then renting is a better option. It all boils down to the monies that have been allocated to the equipment with newbie contractors on a bare-bones budget preferring pre-owned equipment.     

Inspection -- A physical examination is necessary when buying a new or used crane truck. For used equipment, make sure that you have an expert to conduct a functional and physical test to determine if the machinery is in tiptop shape. When you buy online, ensure that you check out reputable websites that offer detailed photos and information about the equipment. Email the vendor when you have any concerns about the crane truck before you commit any payments. Furthermore, request for records of the equipment's maintenance history.

After-Sale Service -- Just like any construction equipment, crane truck components require servicing after years of use. The seller should be able to offer after-sale maintenance service when needed, especially on-site repairs. The seller should have certified service technicians on standby for emergency and scheduled maintenance. Note that transportation cost of a crane truck to a repair centre can be staggering.