Types of Heavy-Haulage Trailers Used to Transport Construction Equipment

5 November 2018
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If you are the owner of a construction company, or any other type of business that uses a lot of heavy equipment such as tractors, graders, excavators, etc., there are going to be many times when you need to move that equipment from location to location. To do this type of heavy haulage, you are going to need to have special equipment, which you can either rent or buy. If you are going to be working in many locations, it may be in your best interest to invest in one of the following pieces of equipment and to hire someone who is fully trained and licensed to operate the equipment. Here is some information about some of the trucks used for heavy haulage that will help you choose the best trailer(s) for your business.


Regardless of the type of trailer you choose, make sure that it is designed to haul heavy equipment, as it needs to be able to hold a lot of weight. You will also need a truck that has plenty of power for hauling. There are two types of trailers you can use for heavy haulage: open flatbeds and closed trailers.

Open Flatbed Trailers – One of the least expensive options for heavy haulage is the open flatbed trailer. You or one of your employees can drive the heavy equipment right onto the trailer bed. It is important that weight is properly distributed and that the equipment is properly strapped down and locked to keep it in place during transport. The biggest drawback to this type of trailer is that it is not covered, so you will need to use tarps if you want to protect equipment from the elements.

Closed Trailers – If you are looking for heavy-haulage equipment that will protect the items being hauled from the weather, a closed trailer is something to consider. Another benefit to using this type of trailer is that it is more secure and less likely that your equipment is going to be stolen or vandalised.

Prime Movers

Another option for heavy haulage is to use a prime mover. This piece of equipment looks a lot like a tractor-trailer. It has six or more wheels and plenty of power for hauling heavy equipment. You can even hook up trailers to prime movers for hauling larger loads. You will need to use a guide vehicle when using a prime mover for heavy haulage, which can be any vehicle, including a car. The guide vehicle must have lights and signs indicating that heavy loads are being hauled.