Two methods of building demolition

30 January 2019
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There are many reasons for demolishing a building, especially if a building has become unsafe or there is a need for new construction. If you need to demolish a building on your property, here are two major demolition methods.

1. Mechanical demolition

This is demolition through using the equipment. The following types of equipment are necessary for mechanical demolition:

Sledgehammer: A sledgehammer is typically used for small demolition needs like a single column.

Excavators and bulldozers: The demolition of small buildings employs the use of excavators and bulldozers. Excavators demolish a problem through the undermining process. The undermining process controls the direction in which the building falls. The demolition contractor determines a safe position at the base of the building where the building can be pulled.

High reach excavators: This equipment is suitable for the demolition of big buildings where building implosion is impossible. They have shear attachments that take apart the steel structures of a building. They also have hydraulic hammers that crush the concrete and remove steel. Where demolition of tall buildings is not possible with high reach excavators, contractors use mini-excavators to destroy the building from within while the outer walls remain.

Wrecking balls: Contractors use wrecking balls for demolition for concrete structures. The wrecking ball is swung into the building breaking it down with multiple blows. This method of demolition requires the presence of skilled professionals. This is because the wrecking ball must be swung with accuracy as if the ball misses the building, the machine may tip over. A crane's size and its working room determine the size of a building that it can demolish. The use of a wrecking ball for demolition results in a lot of dust and noise.  

2. Implosion

The use of explosives is very efficient as they can bring down a building in seconds. In order to use explosives, contractors identify the main support systems of the building. Contractors analyse the blueprints of a building to determine if additional areas inside the building need explosives. After an analysis of its blueprints, they decide on the most suitable explosives. These support systems include the building's column and beams and explosives are placed strategically. The explosives detonate making the structure collapse.

There are two types of implosion techniques. The falling like a tree method involves collapsing a building on its sides, and this technique is only possible when there is available space surrounding the building. When there is no available space around a building, a building is imploded to collapse within its boundaries.