Understanding How to Buy Used Forklifts

23 April 2019
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Most businesses would rather buy used forklifts for several reasons. There are a lot of factors that are to be considered when the buying decision is being made. Even if these businesses can afford buying new forklifts, they prefer the used ones because the value for money is a lot better. If you are considering to buy one for your business, you cannot just purchase without knowing what the important considerations are. This is a mistake you do not want to make because it can be costly.

Find Out Why It Is Being Sold

This should be the main consideration because you have to know the history of the used forklifts you are choosing. You will have a better decision if you know why the owner is selling the forklift. It should be working properly because you do not want to deal with various problems later on. This would be very costly on your part. So, if the seller is unclear or nervous when answering your questions, there is a chance the seller is not telling you everything about the history of the forklift.


Inspect the mast carriage functionality, rollers and the welding work. The components should be tightly connected and barely moving. The next thing you need to check is the engine and transmission, and this can only be done by turning on the engine to see if all components are working. The lift chains should be checked for any wear and weakening signs, and make sure they have proper lubrication.

Ask About the Maintenance Costs

When buying used forklifts, you should consider the cost of maintenance. If the cost is too expensive and your business might suffer from it, do not purchase it. In case the forklift malfunctioned in the past, this could cause a loss of revenue of your business. Being able to understand the availability and costs of the parts are also factors you should think about.

Test Drive

You should not purchase a used forklift without doing a test drive, so always ask the seller if you can. In case they do not allow this, this is a red flag and look for a different seller. This behaviour indicates that the seller is not so reputable and might be trying to keep something from you.

Before you buy any of the used forklifts that you saw, take these into consideration because you want to avoid a mistake when it comes to this.