Foundation Drilling Safety Tips to Follow on Your Next Project

25 September 2019
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Drilling a foundation is one of the most difficult parts of the construction process. It entails trying to avoid electrical, gas and water lines. The drillers also have to deal with other environmental challenges such as rocky surfaces, wildlife and other challenges. If you own or are managing the construction site, it is advisable to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment and make sure to avoid all possible hazards. Here are some safety tips that you should follow when planning the next foundation drilling project.

Carry Out a Comprehensive Hazard Analysis

The success of your safety program will depend on how well you plan. Create a hazard analysis drill and check if everyone is ready to handle any eventualities which might result from the drilling process. The most basic checks should be to check gear and First Aid Kits and to ensure that everyone has listed their emergency contacts. If there are people who do not have the right safety gear, ensure that they get it. For example, everyone on the site should wear a hard, brimless hat. Welders should wear helmets and gloves. Make sure you stock up on other safety gadgets such as fire extinguishers.

Check the Condition of the Site

A strong drilling safety plan involves making sure that the site is in the safest condition possible. If there are any walkways, make sure that they are cleared of all clutter. If you will be working on elevated ground, ensure the platforms are sturdy. The platforms should also have a handrail and a board for the toes. Make sure that the place is well lit and that all combustibles are cleared to prevent fire breakouts

Protect from Falls

Falls are some of the most common injuries that happen during drilling. If there are drilled areas that are not currently active, cover them with wooden or steel plates. For areas that are still active, ensure all workers have a personal fall arrest system. Alternatively, you can install a steel casing 42 inches above grade.

Drilling accidents can lead to serious injuries, deatsh and liability suits. These will slow down and even halt the construction project's progress. It is advisable to capitalise on safety before the project starts. Consult experts in construction to help you find out the safety hazards on your site. They will also guide you in installing safety measures to keep everyone safe. When you adhere to safety, you speed up the construction process.

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