Top Reasons a New Construction Company Needs Aluminum Tipper Bodies

18 November 2019
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Tipper trucks are arguably among the best pieces of construction equipment that a company can invest in. However, construction trucks with aluminium tipper bodies are the best in the industry, even when compared with other tipper trucks. Unfortunately, it is common for new construction companies to invest in steel tipper bodies primarily because they are strong and durable. While this might be true, aluminium tipper bodies have significant benefits that a new construction company cannot afford to pass up.


Unlike steel tipper bodies, aluminium bodies are incredibly lightweight, which is an advantage in any construction site. First, tipper trucks carry heavy loads over several trips, and this can be a problem if the truck needs to access sites that have weight restrictions. If you have a steel body tipper, the chances are that the driver will not be allowed in a construction site if the weighbridge indicates excess weight. If a truck with an aluminium tipper body carried the same load, it would pass the weighbridge with ease and access the site. Aluminium tipper bodies are, therefore, the best tipper trucks if you don't want to deal with load restrictions in construction sites.  

Low Corrosion Chances 

Corrosion is a real problem for pieces of equipment used in the construction industry, especially if a site is in a highly humid region. If you use steel tipper body trucks, even stainless steel will require some level of regular maintenance to prevent rust. However, this is not the case with aluminium tipper bodies because the material forms a thin protective film naturally when exposed to air during manufacturing. Manufacturers then add another layer of protection for enhanced protection, thereby ensuring reduced chances of corrosion. Consequently, aluminium reduces maintenance costs, which allows your company to save on operational costs.

Higher Resale Value

You will rarely find construction companies using their trucks until their end-of-life. It can be attributed to the fact that efficiency is critical in the construction industry, and therefore, trucks must be in top condition. When the trucks begin to show signs of wear, they are often sold or auctioned out. If you want to recoup as much money as possible from your tipper truck, then trucks with aluminium bodies will get you there. It is because they have a higher resale value due to their fuel efficiency, light weight and low chances of corrosion. Potential buyers are thus willing to pay more since they know the aluminium body will help them to save money in the long run.