4 Tips for Choosing the Right Crane

14 September 2020
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Hiring a crane is one of the best options for lifting heavy equipment. However, because of the delicate nature of lifting heavy equipment, you should never take this decision lightly. Whether you are hiring a crane for the short-term or the long-term, efficiency and safety are crucial to making the decision. To ensure you're getting the right crane, you need to have some information on standby. Continue reading for 4 important tips for choosing the right crane.

Crane Capacity

This refers to the maximum load that the crane can carry or lift safely. This is the maximum weight allowed for offloading and loading heavy items. Before you hire a crane, ensure you know the weight you want to lift to get the right crane. When you know what the weight of the item is, you'll need a crane with a bigger lifting capacity. The higher the weight capacity is, the higher the rate of hiring will be. Just to be safe, don't choose a crane with an equal lifting capacity with the load you need to lift. 

Crane Boom Length

In addition to the load or lifting capacity, you also need to consider the boom length. The boom length determines the height the load can reach. If the crane has a longer boom, it will require a bigger crane capacity. Make sure that you understand the lifting height before you choose a crane to hire for your project. The most dangerous lifting operations are those where the load needs to be lifted very high in the air. 

Area Accessibility

One of the most common mistakes people make when hiring a crane is failing to evaluate the project area first. Before you hire a crane, you need to identify obstacles that may prevent access to the site. These include obstacles like restricted areas, nearby buildings, rough terrain, power lines, or workers need to be taken into consideration beforehand and specified to the constructors. This will help them suggest and plan for the crane hire to perform the task. 

Permits and Permission

You don't want to hire a crane and find out that you can't use it for one reason or the next. One of the main reasons this may happen may be due to the lack of permits and permissions. Before you invest in hiring a crane, ensure you have all your permits and licenses, if any is required. In case you're unaware of the permits you need, consult your crane hiring companies on the regulations relevant to your crane rental.

Hiring a crane is an important decision. Make safety your priority and ensure you consider these tips and the relevant permissions and permits before you hire a crane.